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Dr. Randy N. Karu

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Emsculpt - is a non-invasive procedure to build muscle and reduce fat. Emsculpt works by using electromagnetic energy to make muscles contract so they can grow, and kills fat cells at the same time. The protocol is to treat twice a week for two weeks for a maximum of four treatments. In four treatments, the patient will see the following results in the treated area: a 19% reduction in fat and a 16% increase in muscle. The areas that can be treated are the abdomen, buttocks, arms and calves. The procedure is safe, and FDA approved. The only side effects are temporary soreness in the treated area, which subsides after a few hours.

Emsculpt Q & A

How does it work?

The machine uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscle contractions and to kill fat cells.

How much fat can I lose, and how much muscle will I build?

After four treatments ( the standard treatment protocol) you will see a 19% reduction in fat and a 16% increase in muscle. This machine has been proven to work in everyone, regardless of their size, as shown through clinical studies.

How many treatments will it take to see results?

Four treatments total, twice a week for two weeks. Each treatment takes 30 minutes.

​I can't come in twice a week, because I don't have time. What is the maximum time you can wait between treatments and still get results​?

The maximum time between treatments is one week. You can still get the same results with 4 treatments once a week for four weeks.

​Is it safe?

​Yes, it is FDA approved.

What are the side-effects?

The area being treated may be sore. The electromagnetic energy is not absorbed by the tissue, so side effects are minimal.

Who can do this procedure?

The only people who are not candidates for this procedure are people with metal implants, cardiac pacemakers, or pregnant patients.

What areas can be treated with this procedure? ​

The arms, abdomen, buttocks and calves.